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I bet you've been waiting for our New Year sex party video! Well, I could hardly wait for this party too. I knew it would be special, so I brough my camera along, which was on all night long. And there you go, two sexy college girls started making out even before most of the guests arrived. Soon another two hot college chicks joined us, and all of the party girls took part in the spectacular contest: they had to blow up condoms. The winner drank champagne from her condom, and believe me, it was damn fun! After a little while wild university girls were ready to another contest - this time it was a blowjob battle! My friend Artyom was the judge, and eventually this crazy party contest was totally out of control, just like I thought.

More guests arrived, one of them dressed up as Santa. All the party girls wanted to be Santa's girlfriend, and they were ready to fight fot it! So it was time for another blowjob contest, this time Santa had to choose the best cocksucker among the drunk college girls. It seems that the insatiable babes could suck Santa's huge cock forever, but eventually we chose the winner, who got Santa's meaty shaft up her oozing pussy. And of course I've got this party sex on tape! Oh, and most of the college chicks were naked by that time. These sassy hotties had only their stockings and high heels on, so from then on this drunk sex party was a blast! Wait and see what's next in my adult party movie!

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Just drinking isn't so much fun, sexy contests are the best way to turn your student bash into an unforgettable hot sex party and make all the party girls horny as hell. So we played anther game: a blindfolded drunk girl had to find Santa and hang a toy on his cock. Ha-ha, it's crazy, I know, but the girls loved that. Then I was dragged to the bathroom by two college babes who were dying to show some hot lesbian action to me. I did my best to film this awesome party sex scene, but finally I couldn't take it anymore and pulled my cock out of my pants. The sexy college girls started blowing me, and that was the beginning of something truly insane and fantastic! You have to see this drunk fuck with your own eyes!