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The story:
DURATION: 2h 48m

Halloween is coming soon, and it's our favorite holiday! It's obvious that we couldn't ignore it. We definitely had to celebrate it at a hot college sex party! That's why we rented an apartment and decorated it with lights, pumpkins, wrote red notes on the walls imitating blood. It all was perfect for a Halloween fuck party. Our sexy student girls really enjoyed the atmosphere. And we enjoyed their hot outfits! We had a cute pirate, a lovely witch, a horny devil etc.! So the party promised to be fun as hell, so to say :D

Usually our college fuck parties start kind of slow, but this time it was different. Was it something in the air or addictive music? Tracks the DJ was playing were meant for making love to them! When the first bottle of champagne was empty, everybody started feeling urge for crazy party sex. All of a sudden we saw a sexy witch giving head to naughty Aladdin, then the pirate girl took her panties off and started masturbating. Everybody just started stripping and making out at the wild young party. Halloween is a mysterious holiday, let me tell you!

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At first, the cameraman was confused, cause he didn't know what to shoot! There was wild teen sex everywhere in the apartment we rented! Hot students fucking on the floor, on the sofa, on the table. A really impressive party fuck scene! Then some of the students hid in the bathroom and continued crazy fucking there. There was deepthroat, amateur anal and double penetration tryouts. Everything that you would expect from a Halloween student sex party. Sexy young girls in hot costumes got drunk and went for sex experiments!