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Real college sex is wild and reckless, you can see that in this student party sex video with beautiful young drunk chicks. Let me tell you how it started and what happened there. Actually, it was supposed to be an only girls party. Hot college chicks hired a professional dj and photographer then gathered in the club. They bought a lot of booze and started drinking right away. Without guys it was much easier for them to loosen up, soon they found themselves half naked and dancing in erotic way. Lucky me, I was there shooting everything!

So I filmed a few really cool scenes of drunk girls partying, soon though my hot party girls realized it wasn't that much fun without at least one big hard cock! Fortunately, the problem could be easily solved. The ladies made one call and soon had a sexy handsome stripper boy dancing foe them. Of course that show turned everybody on and horny russian girls didn't want to let the boy go. They dragged him in the action on the sofa and did everything to get the stripper hard. He couldn't leave with that boner in his pants, and ended up taking part in our fuck party movie

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