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Hey guys! We had a great party few days ago, and here's evidence for you, these new hot student sex videos! Let me tell you what happened. My friend Nikita bought a cool new car with convertible top, and we had to celebrate it of course! So we took a lot of booze and went looking for chicks on city streets. Girls love good looking guys in expensive cars, it was pretty easy to talk the hotties into a picnic in the country. First we picked up a sexy brunette who had just dumped her boyfriend cause he was late for a date. Then three more hot teenies!

Those babes really loved the fact that we had a lot of cash (uh well, all bimbos do). They got so excited (and drunk, I'm not gonna lie) that even started to strip in the car. Just imagine that, young hotties dancing on the back seat of our car with no top. Drivers passing by and people on the sidewalk stared in shock! I bet they all wanted to be on our place! Soon we got to the country side and found a meadow where our sex adventures began :) Edik and of the girls sneaked away to have a real hot sex in the car. Of course there was someone to shoot the action

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