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Today was such a hard day for all of us! We had a very difficult exam, and I don't have to tell you how nervous we were. But finally everything is over, we passed it! Hurray! Time to celebrate it and throw one of those wild sex parties. So we bought lots of booze and some snacks and went to Tanya's place. Her sexy sister and her friend met us there, ready to party like hell. After several drinks a sexy blondie went to the bathroom to refresh a bit, but she was followed by horny Ilya :) He talked the cutie into getting naked for him and even blowing him. Soon the drunk party girl was so aroused that she even allowed him to fuck her in her tight asshole! We all heard her screams of pleasure, they were damn loud.

We invented a funny and sexy game! We had to look for each other's hidden crib sheets, and search each other's most intimate places. Extremely arousing! So after all the crib sheets were found Tanya went to the bedroom with a guy who had been secretly in love with her since school. His confessions made her melt, and they had wild sex immediately. In the meantime, hot Tanata was playing a role game with Ilya and Edic in the kitchen. The guys pretended to be her school teachers, seducing the girl. Finally they had a crazy threesome, which blew all of us away! The guys drilled Tanata's sweet holes really hard, making her explode in orgasms and finally coming in her butt.

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The party was getting unbelievably hot! Wild drunk fucking wherever you look! Tanya's sister was seduced by two handsome guys who danced striptease for her, so the three of them had a crazy orgy in the bedroom. Besides, two sexy babes joined them, making out on the floor. Their wild lesbian action was so passionate! Then we all played another funny game and drank champagne. Believe it or not, all of us wanted more fucking, and we plunged into a lewd group fucking! Girls moaning and screaming, guys banging them harder and harder, hungry mouths and oozing holes and rock-hard dicks all around you. You know what, passing the exam was really worth that absolutely mind-blowing orgy and our multiple orgasms!