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As you know, most students have to work to support themselves. This is exactly my case, but you know, work can be really fun, especially if you work in a fancy club. My collegues are all young and sexy students, that's why I was happy to learn that we're gonna have a corporate party! We rented a sauna (a perfect place to throw a party on a cold winter day!) and bought lots of champagne. Ilya and me were trying to pick up some pretty girls to take them to our party, but no luck. Then Ilya's girlfriend called him, and he had to meet her instead of going to our party. Ha-ha, if he only knew what he lost! Anyway, the party started with drinking and dancing, and soon we could feel sex in the air...

Soon two guys took Masha's clothes off, caressing and fingering her, and she didn't seem to mind! In fact, she gave them the most passionate blowjobs I've ever seen. What followed was a hot threesome, and all of us were right there, watching them, pouring champagne on their naked bodies and hell yes, we were all getting extremely horny :) Then two sexy chicks took Nikita to a massage room, and I guess I don't have to tell you that it was a hot erotic massage. Soon Nikita was rock-hard, so he drilled the girls' oozing pussies and hungry mouths till all of them exploded in orgasms. In the meantime, I took a shower with hot Tanya, the girl I had a crush on. She was next to me, naked and wet and horny, so we plunged into wild fucking!

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We were surprised when Marina came in and joined us, but be sure that she was welcome :) I did my best to satisfy two horny girls, working with my cock and fingers and tongue. Looks like I succeeded :) A bit later, all of us sat in a huge jacuzzi, relaxing and drinking champagne. But you know, we were still very horny! Besides, what can bring the team together better than a wild group orgy? So we all plunged into drunk fucking, changing partners and positions, licking and touching each other. I even talked Masha into having anal sex with me, and it was her first experience! She really loved it, though. Finally we all came loudly, tired and covered in sweat but extremely satisfied and happy. Man, I can hardly wait for our next corporate party :)