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All students love summer, because summer means vacation! So we have much more time for parties and wild sex orgies! Besides, in summer we don't need to find a place to throw a party. Any beach or forest is just perfect. So this time we invited the hottest girls to the barbeque party at the lake. Sunny day and beautiful lake and sexy chicks in bikinis – honestly, can there be a better way to spend a weekend? After we set up our little camp and opened the wine it was time to start one of the best summer parties ever! I bet you wish you were there too :)

While the others were getting drunk and making barbeques, my friend and me took two hot chicks for a walk. We found a secluded place where the girls took their bras off. I don't have to tell you that their naked tits made us really hard, and the chicks loved it. The blew our cocks, and then we fucked them really hard. Man, fucking in the public place is extremely exciting, the idea that you might get caught turns me on! After we came on chicks' faces and boobs, we all returned to the others, and our party continued.

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The girls wanted to have a swim, and at first we watched them fooling around and splashing each other, but eventually we joined them. After swimming the appetite is always good, so barbeques with wine were just what we needed. Finally it was time to start what we came here for: wild orgy!!! At first one couple started fucking, then another one joined them, and then we were all there on the blanket, fucking each other really hard. Tits, cocks, butts and cum anywhere you look. This is what I call a cool summer party! Some people were passing by, and I bet they'll never forget what they saw :)
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