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How students spend weekends? If I say - partying, will you be surprised? Don't think so.. First, we check if someone has available apartment, then we call up prettiest girls from college, after that we get together and forget about classes for two wild days filled with alcohol and crazy fucking! This weekend I threw a bash at my place, and though it was totally destroyed by drunk students, I don't regret it at all. Never even thought of such an orgy in my dirtiest dreams, now here it comes in reality, hot and documented!

Duplex apartments are meant for student parties! At least mine is :) While my friends get drunk downstairs, I drag some chick to the bedroom where nobody can disturb us. I picked the hottest brunette doll this time, she had these cute small bobs and real nice sexy ass. How do I know that? Cause she stripped for me and let me fuck her beautiful pussy... When I was about to come on her gorgeous face, my buddy emerged at the doorway with another piece f cake, so to say. None of us had a foursome experience before, so we thought it would be fun :)

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You know what's good about orgies? It's like fucking your partner and watching porn at the same time. It's even better, cause you watch real people change cool sex positions one after another right before your eyes, and you do the same with the girl you're banging. Nice? :) After that foursome session I thought I'd be sore for like a year. But that was until another girl showed up. Busty blonde got lost and was late to our party, but I couldn't let her down just because of these circumstances :) She got what she came for, too, a big portion of delicious hardcore fucking :)