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I can throw a party in the dormitory and it will go well. But ain't it cool when you have a real great place for this purpose? Like the whole club just for you and you friends, where you can go crazy and do whatever you want! I can almost hear you sigh and whisper – damn, these rich kids... Well yeah, so what? Wealthy students know how to relax, cause they've seen it all, and they need something real special to turn them on! So me me and my friends rented this club and brought along our wing girls and their hot girlfriends for one awesome party session!

The place had everything that we needed – the bar with lots of alcohol, the dance floor, the disco-ball which made us all sparkle as we danced, even the swings and other cool stuff. We told our ladies to put on really hot outfits so it would be a masked party, and they did! We had a sexy brunette playboy bunny, a sweet blonde angel... But soon as the night started, all those costumed were dropped to the floor. Our chicks wanted to party naked, they showed off their tight butts and nice boobs. Well, that's something to be proud of!

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Girls got naked, we got horny. You know what that means, right? Crazy student fucking, of course! As for me, I'm the fan of blondes, so I banged all the blondes in the room, and they looked like they enjoyed it a lot :) Other chicks didn't suffer from lack of attention either. We licked and fingered and fucked those delicious pussies, and hot babes payed us back with deep throating. Damn, we came over and over again, on their pretty faces, tight butts and cute boobs. Those girls knew what they wanted, and our desires coincided completely. It's all about sex after all!