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Summer is coming soon, which is awesome, but the weather really sucks lately. Would be great to throw a beach party or something, to watch our hot college girls wear bikini and get all wet... And it keeps raining.. Then I thought, what the fuck? Beach is not the only place in the world where you can see girls party in bikini! So I called my friends up, and we got together in the sauna! Sexy ladies who we study with got so excited about the idea, they took along tiniest swimsuits and got ready to rock the place! We bought as much booze as we could carry, and the party started!

These ladies that we invited to the sauna ain't some stupid whores who care not who to fuck. You can't just start pawing them and count on sex involved happy ending. But there's no student sex party without sex, right? So we carried out a simple seduction plan that always works. We got the chicks boozed and started the talk which grew nastier and nastier. Their minds were too full of alcohol, so they started to tell us about their secret sexual fantasies and all that. Then it was too late :) Girls got too horny to behave themselves. That's when it happened

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