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Wedding is supposed to be a happy day, but when you realize that you're losing your best friend, sort of, you can't feel happy about it. When we got to know that our close girlfriend decided to get married, we couldn't believe it! No more wild parties? No more one night stands? No more sex with random college guys? Oh come on! To remind our future wife how cool life of single college girl is, we threw this real crazy all-girl party for her! No boys, only wild sexy chicks who know how to rock! If that doesn't make her change her mind, then whatever :)

Before going to a party, me and the bride dropped in... Where do you think? You'll never guess. The sex shop! We found crazy eye-popping stuff there and bought some cool toys. Dildos, Ben Wa balls and a strap-on. Sounds tempting, right? I thought so :) So we brought all that to our apartment, and the girls were drying to try the toys out. But we left it for dessert and started the party with champagne and dirty talks. Then, to prove our soon-to-be wife that she's making a big mistake, we called a real hot black stripper. Oh dear, that guy was exhaling the scent of sex! We all felt something coming...

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Horny and excited after that great exotic dancing, we all wanted only one thing, which was.. sex, of course :) So it was time to play with our new toys! All girls got naked, showing off tight sexy butts and cool boobies. Oh boy, what a turn on! I'd get a painful boner right away were I a guy. Fun green dildo was the first to get deep into the bride's pussy... Then we lost our minds completely. Strap-on fucks, dildos deep in every hole, insane muff-diving and fingering. Orgasm after orgasm, they just kept on coming! What a night, damn. Who needs men, really?